• Yazaki's Environmental
    DNA and History of Heat Utilization

    "MOTTAINAI(what a waste!) " and "Heat".
    Based on these two key words, we would like to introduce the history of Yazaki.

  • Yazaki's Thermal Solutions

    We will contribute to the reduction of CO₂ emissions and the realization of a carbon-neutral society by converting previously unused "heat" into "chilled water" and proposing various types of cooling applications.

Decarbonization example

We introduce Yazaki's decarbonization introduction examples by category.

Carbon-neutral equipment

  • Water fired absorption chiller

    Converts hot water discharged from factories or exhausted from cogeneration equipment into chilled water. The generated chilled water can be used according to customer needs, such as process cooling and air conditioning.

  • Steam fired absorption chiller

    Able to provide stable heating and cooling even with a low pressure steam where heat recovery is difficult. CH-KGST follows pressure fluctuations in the work process and recovers heat without waste.

  • Wood pellet fired absorption chiller

    CH-KP is the world's first air conditioner that uses wood pellets as a fuel. CH-KP contributes to customers' CO₂ reduction through out the year.