• Business introduction

Business introduction

What a waste!

  • yazaki's environmental DNA

    yazaki's founder, Sadami Yazaki, advocated the "Mottainai spirit" which says "waste is a resource. Anything can still be used if you put your mind to it.".

    In March 2006, Ms. Wangari Maathai introduced the word "Mottainai" as a slogan for environmental protection at the United Nations commision on the Status of Women."Mottainai" is now a common language in the world.

  • What a waste!

Development of environmental system business centered on the use of heat

  • Achievement

  • Absorption chiller manufacturing
    50 years of experience
  • Number of Yazaki absorption chiller in operation
    Approximately 25,000 units

Since Yazaki released its absorption chiller in 1970, it has been adopted in countries around the world for air conditioning and cooling systems that utilize cogeneration and waste heat from factories. As a heat specialist, we contribute to energy saving and CO₂ reduction by proposing optimal waste heat utilization methods and air conditioning cooling systems for each customer's building and application.

It all started with a "recycle bin, nnot a trash can"(Founder Sadami Yazaki's word")History of activities based on Yazaki's environmental DNA

The founding president, Sadami Yazaki, started selling electric wires for automobiles as a private business.
Established Yazaki Electric Wire Co., Ltd.(the beginning of Yazaki Corporation)
Renamed "Yazaki Electric Wire Co., Ltd." to "Yazaki Corporation" and established "Yazaki Electic Wire Co., Ltd" as a manufatruing company.
  • Launched direct-fired absorption chiller. Developed absorption technology that uses various types of heat to create chilled water, and started selling absorption chiller.
  • Launched direct-fired absorption chiller
  • Completed the world's first solar house. For the first time in the world, we succeeded in operating a heating and cooling system that uses solar heat as an energy source.
  • Completed the world's first solar house
  • Started selling solar water heater "Yuwaiter"
  • Started selling solar water heater Yuwaiter
  • Released Blue Panel and water fired absorption chiller. Started selling commercial-use solar heat collectors that generate hot water using solar heat and water fired absorption chiller that can produce chilled water from hot water.
  • Released Blue Panel and water fired absorption chiller
Opened "Y-city" in Susono city, Shizuoka prefecture to consolidate head office functions.
  • Started a biomass regional environmental model project in Yusuhara Town, Kochi prefecture. In collaboration with Yusuhara Town, Kochi prefecture and the Yusuhara town forestry cooperative, we started a woody biomass regional environmental model project.
  • Started a biomass regional environmental model project in Yusuhara Town, Kochi prefecture
  • Operation of "Yusuhara Pellets"/Wood pellet fired absorption chiller launched. We are working to realize a low carbon society centered on forest regeneration, such as the operation of Yusuhara pellet, which produces wood pellets, and the sales of wood pellet fired absorption chiller.
  • Wood pellet fired absorption chiller launched
Established Yazaki Energy System Corporation(formerly Yazaki Electric Wire Co., Ltd.), to become a comprehensive producer of all types of energy.
  • Launched water fired chiller for cogeneration. By recovering hot water up to a lower temperature, the waste heat of the generator can be fully utilized.
    Contributes to improving the overall efficiency of cogeneration systems.
    We continue to explore various effective ways of using heat to realize a carbon neutral society.
  • Launched water fired chiller for cogeneration