*For Japanese market only

Steam fired absorption chiller

  • Steam fired absorption chiller

    • Provides efficient cooling and heating by utilizing surplus steam from buildings such as factory, hospital, and hotel.
    • Wide range of lineup.
    • Cooling capacity follows fluctuating steam pressure.
    • Easy to be combined with other equipments due to the excess steam input control system.
    • Able to provide both cooling and heating.

    Steam utilization

  • Characteristic

  • Lineup


CH-KGST saves energy by utilizing waste heat such
as exhausted steam from factory and cogeneration system

Cooling capacity of 105~211kW is now availlable

In addition to the exisiting 176kW model, we have added 105kW, 141kW, and 211kW models as new lineup.

Provides efficient cooling (1.26kg/kWh COP1.2)

Steam consumption for cooling has been saved to 1.26kg/kWh. Also, inverter has been added to solution pump for saving electricity consumption.

Able to utilize low pressure steam

CH-KGST can be operated with the steam pressure of 686kPa(7kgf/cm2/G)~98kPa(1kgf/cm2G).

Easy to be combined with other systems due to the excess steam input control

Yazaki's original steam input control system enables to prevent affection to other steam requring equipments.

Line up


USRT 30 40 50 60
kW 105 141 176 211
kcal/h 117,940 157,250 196,560 217,730
kW 137 183 229 253
Dimensions Width mm 1,460 1,780
Length mm 1,540 1,780
Height mm 2,045
Dry weight kg 1,640 1,760 2,220 2,350
Operation weight kg 1,860 2,030 2,570 2,780


  • Steam fired absorption chiller is for Japanese market only.
  • Specification above are subject to change without notice.