*For Japanese market only

Wood pellet fired
absorption chiller

  • Wood pellet fired absorption chiller

    • CH-KP utilizes wood pellet, a renewable energy, as a fuel for cooling and heating.
    • Utiliation of this carbon neutral fuel contributes to stop the global waring and forestry maintenance.

    Wood pellet utilization

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Contributes to the environment recovery of the earth by circulating energy source

1. Utilization of wood pellet circulates the forest resources and contributes to the recovery of earth environment

Prevents global warming by using carbon neutral fuel.

2.Prevents global warming by using carbon neutral fuel

Wood pellet is produced from thinned wood, forest residue, and mill ends. Utilization of wood pellet contributes to the recovery and the maintainance of abandoned forest.

3.Contributes to the forest protection and vitalization of local economy

Aims to realize circulation system of forest energy by collaborating with local municipalities and forestry cooperatives.

Amount of carbon dioxide reduced by using wood pellet

Amount of carbon dioxide reduced by installing wood pellet fired absorption chiller

CO₂ reduction Amount CO₂ absorbed by cedars in a year Wood pellet consumption
Office 46t/year 5.4ha 80t/year
Hospital 65t/year 7.6ha 113t/year
Hotel 99t/year 11.6ha 162t/year

Reduces CO₂ throughout the year

By utilizing wood pellet absorption chiller as a base load of the direct fired absorption chiller, carbon dioxide will be reduced drastically. Efficient air conditioning can be realized by utilizing direct fired absorption chiller when the load for cooling and heating becomes higher.



Model CH-KP30
Cooling capacity USRT 30
kW 105
Heating capacity kcal/h 71,710
kW 83.4
Wood pellet consumption kg⁄h 22.2
Dimensions Width mm 2,665
Length mm 2,405
Height mm 2,435
Dry weight kg 2,865
Operation weight kg 3,250
Fuel Wood pellet


  • Wood pellet fired absorption chiller is for Japanese market only.
  • Specification above are subject to change without notice.